Alpha Nu Omega Fraternity

University of Minnesota Duluth

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About us


Alpha Nu Omega is a local social fraternity chartered at the University of Minnesota Duluth. Our membership consists of male students who qualify academically and support our high principles. We are a diverse group consisting of many races, religions and ethnic backgrounds.  Our common thread is brotherhood, respect and the desire to make the most of our college careers.  


Alpha is now the oldest fraternity on campus, and we have deep ties to the University which we support in a variety of ways.  Our primary objective is to use our collective strength to achieve social, service and academic goals.  


We regularly socialize by participating in campus activities and mix with sororities and other organizations.  We love to have fun and provide a regular schedule of social activities, but we are definitely not Animal House.


We are not the largest fraternity on campus, but we as brothers punch over our weight with our quality members who are serious about our academic careers but looking to blend that with social and service functions that make our college experience memorable.


  • Brotherhood: form a greater bond between students
  • Academics: better the academic standards of our University
    • Daryl B. Knodt Memorial Scholarship
    • John L. Banks Memorial Scholarship
    • Warren F. Orrick Memorial Scholarship
  • Social: promote a more diversified program of social activities
  • Cooperation: secure greater cooperation among faculty, administration, and students
  • Service: deliver a program of service to our fellow man


The insignia consists of a five-pointed star set on a shield. The five points represent the five principles of this Fraternity. The letters of the Fraternity are inside the upper three points. The key of friendship is inside the lower left point. The light of truth is inside the lower right point. In the center is the great pyramid of strength. The shield represents the honor of the Fraternity.

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