Alpha Nu Omega Fraternity

University of Minnesota Duluth


ANΩ's Frequently Asked Questions

Why Join A Fraternity?

A Fraternity provides a structure and an environment in which mutual friendships can flourish. A fraternity is by no means the only kind of organization in which a student may find friends. Indeed, the typical student requires no organization at all to make friends, nor does anyone in a fraternity confine his friendships exclusively to fellow members of the group. But a fraternity does foster long-lasting brotherhood in an effective way, drawing its members together by shared goals and common experiences. 

Not everyone finds a fraternity membership desirable, but fraternities should remain for any student as a real option on campus and a “life style” worth serious consideration.


What is Rushing?

College students who are interested in a fraternity or sorority typically go through an informal recruiting ritual called "rush". Rush is a series of social events and gatherings that allow prospective and current fraternity or sorority members to get to know each other for the purpose of future membership.


What is Pledging?

Pledging is the process that a prospective member goes through to actually join a fraternity or sorority.  It is a period when the pledge gets to learn the fundamentals, principles and history of the organization to qualify as a full member upon initiation. 


Hazing - the imposition of dangerous initiation rituals - has no place in Alpha.

How Do I Join ANΩ?

We will be pleased to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. If you decide that this organization is interesting or right for you, please contact one of the members or send us an email through our Contact page expressing your interest in joining ANΩ.