Alpha Nu Omega Fraternity

University of Minnesota Duluth

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Alpha History

In the Spring of 1959, Thomas W. Kraus and C. Gary Holzer first conceived the ideas which ultimately lead to the founding and organization of our great Fraternity, Alpha Nu Omega. Tom Kraus and Gary Holzer began to transform their dreams into realities of a new fraternity at the University of Minnesota-Duluth (UMD). Their reasons for seeking a fourth fraternity for the UMD campus were essentially these: they found no existing fraternity which met their respective desires while at the same time belonging to the Greek movement; they firmly believed that a new fraternity would be of service to the University and the community. 

In the summer of 1959, Tom Kraus and Gary Holzer brought two more interested men into their fold. These were John C. Eckholm and Robert G. Pike. Returning to classes in the fall of 1959, the remaining four charter members were taken into the fold. They were William E. Peterson, Richard E. Pease, Gerald R. Maeckelbergh and Lynn D. Jamison. 

At this time, the name of the new Fraternity was agreed upon. It was to be Alpha Nu Omega - a name the charter members of Alpha thought proper and fitting because they felt the name would appear emblematic and significant of the high ideals and aims the founding members desired to attain through the years. Literally translated from Greek, the name was to read: Alpha (the first) Nu (the newest) Omega (the greatest). 

On October 22, 1959, Alpha Nu Omega received its first ad interim approval as a campus organization. This was extended to December 4, 1959, when the group was officially and formally declared a fraternity on the UMD campus.

Eight founding members:
Thomas W. Kraus, Charles G. Holzer, John C. Eckholm, Robert G. Pike, William E. Peterson, Richard E. Pease, Gerald R. Maeckelbergh and  Lynn D. Jamison